When the day starts, the day ends

The day starts blue and ends red

The time flies

Dreams fly away from the world

Life begins and ends

It is not about money, but about happiness

Fire is cozy that makes the world better

A king tries to make his country fantastic

And the queen loves the king

I am happy because you are alive

I want to present myself to the world

Discover this song

I love my songs

I continue with my life

My songs are my happiness

Fire or my life, fire or my life

Give me a life full of music

Come join me in the world

I have a good life and I like that

Oh my life is nice, oh my life is nice

Come join me in my life, please come

Music is my life, I wish you could understand that too

Give me happiness, that is my life

You will find the melody when you understand life

This song is coming to an end and I will come back

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